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Pacemakers and Dentistry

Pacemakers are revolutionary in cardiac care, but can cause problems during your dentist appointment.

A pacemaker is a small device that is placed within the chest or abdomen to regulate and control abnormal heart rhythms. This device is vital for patients who have irregular heart rhythms. If your heart goes into a different rhythm than the one that it belongs in, you can suffer serious damage and possibly die.

Your pacemaker may be a lifesaver, but when it comes to dentistry, it can be an issue, but only if you don’t tell your dentist about it. Some of the instruments that a dentist uses during your visit can interfere with your pacemaker and result in an irregular heartbeat.

The best way to avoid an issue with your pacemaker is to be honest and thorough with your dentist when updating them on your health condition. If your dentist knows that you have a pacemaker than he will be able to offer you high quality treatment without affecting the device, but he must be aware. Keep your dentist up-to-date on your health for the best dental care.