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Is Kissing Good for Your Oral Health?

Maybe you enjoy locking lips or swapping spit with your partner, and if you do than there are some things you need to know about kissing and your oral health. Kissing has many benefits for our overall health including lower blood pressure, lower stress levels, and pain reduction. In fact, studies show that kissing positively affects our mood and triggers the chemicals in your brain that make you feel happy.

Another plus about kissing is that it can help prevent cavities. The extra saliva production while kissing washes away bacteria and debris in your mouth. The additional saliva helps remove cavity-causing bacteria and keep your mouth healthy.

Although kissing is wonderful and healthful, it can also do harm to your teeth. When kissing you open yourself up to a large batch of bacterium that can make you seriously sick. Kissing can pass along the cold, flu, mononucleosis, cold sores, and unfortunately cavities. While kissing can help prevent cavities, the bacteria that you exchange while kissing can also cause bacteria to spread from one partner to the other. Gum disease can also be transferred from one partner to the other.

The best way to avoid the negative aspects of kissing is to be careful about who you kiss. Avoid kissing people who have a cold and do your best to keep going to regular dental visits to keep your mouth clean.