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Toothpaste and its Expiration Date

You might be surprised to find that toothpaste has an expiration date. Yes, the fluoride-packed, tooth-decay fighting tubes of toothpaste do expire. But, what is important to know about the expiration of toothpaste is that expired toothpaste isn’t harmful.

While using expired toothpaste isn’t recommended, it will not harm your teeth. In fact, the only downside to using expired toothpaste on your pearly whites is that it lowers the efficacy of the paste. If your toothpaste is past its expiration date than it is likely that it may be less effective in cleaning your teeth. The FDA requires expiration dates on all food or drug products.

The fluoride in toothpaste must stay bound to the past for two years, the typical length of time before it expires, but after the expiration date the fluoride may separate and create a less effective toothpaste.

Try to finish up your tube within two years to keep it effective and useful in cleaning your teeth and keeping your mouth healthy.